Must. Not. Buy other ridiculous Prada shirts just because I think Silva would wear them.

(The only reason I haven’t bought the gun one is because it’s $630)

((Plus, he wouldn’t actually wear that one, he’d give it to Bond.))

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August 00Silva Writers’ Workshop 


This Sunday, August 17th, we’re doing another writers’ workshop! There was interest in making this a monthly thing last time, and I’m pleased to see interest has only grown since then. To accommodate everyone’s time zones, the official chat will be at 6pm EDT (which is midnight your time, jamesraoulsilva) on the Post-Knifing Skype chat (please send me your email address if you need access).

So whether you spent the day writing and want to talk about what you’ve done, or if you want a boost to get started for the night, we’re there for you. Just bring what you’re working on (or more likely, haven’t worked on for months but want to get back to!) If you’re stuck on something, we have advice. If you’re having an crisis of confidence, we have cheers and pom-poms *\o/* If you need motivation, we can have word wars. If you have nothing whatsoever, we have prompts!

Of course, though the workshop is 00Silva focused, it’s not exclusive to them, other Skyfall/Bond WIPs are welcome.

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Yay! Very much looking forward to this!

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*looks up from computer at the tv playing skyfall but only for javier bardem*

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"What I like most about Javier Bardem’s Mr Silva isn’t his goofiness or the fact he has blonde hair…In Skyfall, Mr Silva is the embodiment of every guy you know who refuses to just enjoy the movie, and instead scoffs at every Bondism. Mr Silva finds Bond ridiculous."


This is legit the best part. Like you get so wrapped up in how ridiculous Silva can be, that it takes you a couple watches before you realize that Silva is just so done with Bond after like 10 minutes of knowing him. He’s like, “This is who she replaces me with? I mean, sure I’d tap that, but no wonder he keeps almost dying and getting his huevos scrambled.”

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Imagine having to teach your icon how to use a computer.


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For reasons, I have to find my absolute favorite pic/gif of Silva. 


If you don’t hear from me, I have probably died of feels and overexposure to his facial expressions. Please play “Boom Boom” by The Animals at my funeral.

(Or we could make this a reblog chain that everyone puts their favorites on :D)

I cannot choose

It is impossible

can i join you in your grave so we can write dirty fanfiction in afterlife

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hnggg flflflflffff the orange jumpsuit

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